Ancora Art was set up to help both aspiring artists and artists who have already found their feet. Being a highly competitive, saturated industry, we recognize that it's hard to gain traction as an artist, and we're here to remove that hardship.

We work very closely with our artists. Not only do we advise on market trends, but we also represent our artists and their beautiful pieces at every stage of the process.

Once artwork is created, we provide an entirely comprehensive umbrella sales service - this includes photography, marketing, consumer interaction, and eventual sale and distribution. 

That way, our artists can spend more time creating and less time worrying about the nitty-gritty sales stuff. It also allows us to display a huge variety of pieces in our online sales gallery and in our pop-up galleries, set to debut in the Summer of 2021.



Our ethos is predicated on giving back and supporting our community. In such tricky, unprecedented circumstances, art and creativity has a very real capacity to therapize those who might be struggling.

Not only do 10% of our profits go straight back into community projects and charitable causes, but we also give individuals who are struggling (for any and every reason) the physical resources to create artwork. If and when these pieces are sold, 100% of profits go straight back to the artist. 

We don't believe artistic talent should be exclusive nor unseen, and it's our mission to ensure it's not.



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