Endangered Primates and Integration of two species are large scale oil paintings. Both of these works are made with a hyper-realistic style tothem, mimicking images of apes and humans and using a limited colourpalette created through mixing various colours.


Within the works we view anthropomorphic figures merging human and non-human. Beginning with a gridmethod, each section of the painting/s were treated with equal care and attention through a rigorous labour of love, resulting in a collection of abstract marks, a surreal merging of species can be seen as a final outcome. This approach to painting has been inspired by Chuck Closes’ portrait paintings, and a natural style organically instinctive to me as an artist that is determined through natural attention to detail. The works are concerned with endangered animals and their exploitation. The aim is to elicit sympathy within the audience and make us realise how easily humans could take their place.


This is done through the use of the eye, as they are windows to the soul. The subjects within the works expose a feeling of being threatened and vulnerable due to their concerned expressions, as if they are caged within the canvas. I feel it is important to use my artistic voice in order to create change in regard to the divide we make between ourselves and the non-human, and how we mistreat them daily. This is what drives me to create work and inspires me the most. Therefore, it is so important for me to keep addressing this issue in any way I can with the hope that one day, humans realise how magnificent the non-human world is and fight to stop their extinction as well as our own.




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Endangered Primates