Sadie Aston is an artist based in Bournemouth, UK. She is a painter

graduating this summer with a Fine Art degree from Arts University

Bournemouth, continuing her studies via a Masters in Painting

commencing this September.

“As cliché as it sounds, I have been drawing for as long as I can

remember. I come from a family of creative people, my grandad being

my idol of craftmanship. One of my fondest memories was being in my

grandad’s studio, seeing him paint many a Turner-style ship and classic

still life.

It was not until I started my 2 nd year at University that I really took up

painting and since then my passion for it has blossomed, falling in love

with the endless possibilities that paint can provide. Photoshop is also a

key part in my process of creation.

I am continuously inspired by the natural world. I am drawn to the

textures and patterning found within the non-human body but also

throughout the Anthropocene. In a world where humanity is consumed

by hierarchy, authority and power imbalances, my paintings capture a

single moment in time from my own perception of an ideal world, in

which humans are no more worthy of respect than any other species.

The application of paint is vital to my process, focusing specifically on mark making that in turn creates a bigger picture. My work embodies the idea of transformation, taking the unpleasant brutal truths of life and rendering a beautiful piece of work as a result. I focus on creating shapes and the quality of the mark; therefore, my paintings have been known to be very visceral in their appearance. I like to be part of every portion of making my paintings from constructing and stretching my own canvas’s, to the end result, which can sometimes take weeks at time.


I started selling my work through commissions in 2018 in the form of pet portraits and realised I had a talent for creating photo-realistic depictions of animals. From here my passion and interest for animals has only developed further, naturally progressing into animal rights activist-based work. In my most recent pieces, animal exploitation, the farming industry and extinction rebellion have been the biggest drive behind the work. Last year I donated one of my paintings to Explorers Against Extinction

in order to raise awareness and funds of endangered animals.”

View Sadie's work in the virtual Ancora Gallery below